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Unlockable Cars Solutions in Edmonton

A car lockout situation is very frustrating, car manufacturers know this and some have taken innovative steps with intent to help owners of their models from locking up their vehicle with the keys still inside or from having to deal with gaining access to a locked car the keys to which have been lost.

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Cars which possess features designed to prevent car lockouts have come to be known as “unlockable cars”, this term may be a bit confusing since they can be locked up securely just like any other car.

At On Call Locksmiths we are familiar with unlockable car features in all models and so can make use of them in cases of car lockout situations.

Advantages of Unlockble Cars
Unlockable cars are ones which you will have no trouble locking just like you would any car, by use of a remote control which operates a central locking system or mechanically by means of the same key used to turn the ignition switch. There are even cars considered to be “unlocakble” ones (mostly latest models by luxury car manufacturers) which are equipped with keyless locking, unlocking and ignition systems. The main advantage of unlockable cars is that it is much harder to lock them unintentionally and many times much easier to regain access to them in case of a car lockout situation (for instance as a result of loosing car keys or remotes).

Basic Accidental Locking Prevention
It is possible to say that many modern cars can be considered, at least to some extent, unlockable. This is because it is typically impossible to lock modern cars if the keys are still in the ignition just as it is impossible to lock them if one of the doors, or the trunk, are not properly shut.

Door Mounted Pads for Regaining Access by Use of a Code
In order to help make their cars unlockable manufacturers such as Ford, Lincoln and Mercury have taken to fitting door mounted pads in some of their latest models. These pads allow for unlocking the vehicle by punching in a code, it is up to the owners to keep record of this code (provided by the manufacturer upon purchase of the vehicle) and know it when it is needed, but in case the code is needed and is unknown it is possible to retrieve it from the manufacturer upon sufficient proof of ownership.

Remote Unlocking
Some luxury models, such as Mercedes-Benz’s Mbrace and Hyundai’s Blue Link, have a app programmed into the onboard computer which allows the car to be remotely opened through use of a smartphone. Owners of such unlockable cars who need to regain access to their cars can call a toll free number and have their vehicles remotely opened for them.

Auto Locksmiths and Unlockable Cars
As car locking mechanisms become more advanced auto locksmith services providers are required to keep up, familiarity with different features of  unlockable cars and being able to utilize them for their customers’ benefit is one thing auto locksmith service providers must do. At On Call Locksmiths Edmonton we make certain that we stay well informed and properly equipped in order to take advantage of any unlockable car feature.

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