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Available around the clock, Edmonton locksmiths offer a wide range of top quality services to residential, commercial and automotive properties in the Edmonton area. Fully committed to great performance and excellent customer care, the Edmonton locksmith technicians we work with are well trained to handle any job order, including master key rekey services for offices and large industrial facilities. An Edmonton locksmith will arrive at your location within 30 minutes of your call to us and not leave your side until all your issues are addressed!

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A master key system is one of the best ways for a business, whether large or small, to maintain quality security in an office or warehouse space. It is simple in purpose: allow only specific individuals access to every door in the building and allow others access to specific areas only.

If you know how a basic tumbler lock works, then understanding how a master key works is fairly simple. A tumbler lock includes a few basic parts: the plug, the housing, and some pins.

A housing that does not turn contains a cylinder full of five or more shafts (the cylinder is known as “the plug”). Within the shafts rest segmented pins of different lengths. When the proper key is inserted, the segments all line up along the breaking line between the housing and the plug, and the plug is allowed to turn the locking mechanism.

In a master key system, the pins are made up of three or more segments, meaning that multiple keys will lift the pins to the proper position where they can separate and allow the plug to turn.

Master key system rekey services are highly recommended when new owners purchase a building, when new keys are being issued or when access to various parts of the building are being granted to new employees. Edmonton’s highly trained lock & key technicians will make the master key system rekey a fairly simple process.

Your security is of ultimate importance to us. No matter how often you choose to have your system rekeyed, we will guarantee you a rapid and efficient service. The Edmonton locksmiths we work with are trustworthy professionals who have worked in the security industry for years and will provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

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